Zoé Galassi

YOGA Teacher Slow Flow & Rise & shine

Zoé is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, offering fun and authentic theme-based classes, intending to create a loving and supporting environment, in which students can feel safe to explore their own selves. One of her main intentions as a teacher is to make yoga accessible for everybody, with careful attention to individual alignment, honoring the uniqueness of each student. Studying yoga therapy, Sanskrit and social work has made her especially sensitive toward the origins of yoga and wanting to share them in the most respectful way possible.

Et  au Repère des Glacières ?

Monday night Slow Flow - Tuesday morning : Rise & shine Yoga

Rise & Shine yoga awakens the body and mind with fresh energy to start the day.
Zoé guides you through a dynamic sequence with Yoga and breathing exercises, featuring more activating poses, with the goal to embrace with an open heart a new day along with all its possibilities.
There will be numerous variations and options provided so that every level of practice feels both welcomed and challenged.

Slow flow yoga allows you to unwind after a long day. We will practice grounding flows, where the focus lies on linking the movement with the breath. Moving slowly and mindfully often demands more strength than rushing from one pose to another, working on refining the quality of our movements. It is a practice that allows to truly connect to the here and now, generating a sense of presence to shake off the day. This is an all levels class, where options and variations will be provided, so that every level of practice feels both welcomed and challenged.

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Rue de la Glacière 18
1060 Saint-Gilles
+32 472 56 20 32
Lu - Ve : 8:00 - 18:00
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